Let's look at how people are connected to the art world. All of humankind is divided into three groups: artists, galerists, and us (all the others). We love home renovation and decoration, and art is very important part of both. The artwork on your wall needs to work along with the color scheme of the entire room, along with the furnirure and drapery style. Most of all, the artwork on your wall or in your room (sculpture) represents your taste, as well as your intellectual and aesthetic levels. Be it a modern sculpture, antique japanese dragon art, or even landscape painting wallpaper, the things we collect and surround ourselves with play a role of make-up - they display us in the eyes of guests no less effectively than our bodies and facial features (physical appearance) do. To rephrase a famous quote, tell me what your favourite art is and I'll tell you who you are. In conclusion, there are two methods of choosing art: the first is by matching it to colors/style of interior of the room, and the second is by fulfilling your personal preferences. Well, Paul Getty bought masterpieces from around the world and then to build a museum to display them. We too like art to be presented in our everyday life. I like picture(s) in my living room. I have my own taste and preferences concerning art. Sometimes I find something new and unusual in ArtWorld (thanks to the internet and books), and I understand that it is still "terra incognita" (undiscovered land) to me. So I'm seeking for advice or direction, asking friends and experts in internet. Sometimes it takes a while to find a proper answer to your question. So, here is the website, where we'd like to share some information with you and we do hope it will be helpful and useful.

This website is your Art buying guide. A guide to choosing and buying an artwork, locating the proper placement for it in relation to your living room home decor, and even fixing it onto a wall. Start off by browsing through the navigation bar and don't hesitate to give us a shout if you wish.