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Choosing Canvas Art
By Jenny Austin

f you are considering purchasing a piece of canvas art either for the home or office, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This article provides details of ideas which may provide you with some inspiration. It is worth selecting the right piece of art for a room, a good choice can result in a stunning focal point and a bad choice can cause people to cringe. Obviously the canvas should reflect your personality but should also compliment the feel of the room.

Choosing the style and subject of your canvas art is important, it is great to be able to choose subjects to suit personal taste but it should be remembered that the subject should be suitable for the space. For example a canvas of organic fruit would be better suited to a kitchen rather than a bedroom.

If the room you are looking for art for already has a theme complementing it with the canvas piece works well. If you often entertain the canvas art chosen can create a great focus to a room and create a feature to get your guests talking. Make the subject of the canvas as interesting as you can, consider getting a photo to canvas which will really get the guests talking.

If the decor of your room consists of bright colours think about getting a retro canvas art which will fit in with the existing scheme well. With hundreds of striking designs available on on-line galleries there is no limit to the choices of art available. Also changing an existing piece of canvas art is a cost effective, quick method of revamping a room without the need for messy paint brushes.

Canvases are normally available in sizes from 10" to 72" tall and up to 36" wide, the bigger the canvas the better although a canvas that is too big will make the space feel cramped and overcrowded. Buying the largest canvas you can afford is not necessarily the right move and there should be a space of 16" to 24" around the canvas to keep everything in proportion, a small canvas would be lost in a large space and would look plain silly. A canvas should hang at approximate average eyelevel which is considered to be around the 5ft6 from the ground (this may not be possible for large canvases.

If you have a large wall and are worried about the expense of a very large canvas you can save pounds by choosing between two and four pieces of corresponding art which will cover the same area at a fraction of the cost.

The shape of canvas should enhance the shape of the wall space and room, if in doubt a square canvas is usually a safe bet. A rectangular canvas would be well suited to a long wall and a square canvas to a short wall which helps square off the room. A simple method of transforming a room is to hang a piece of canvas art directly above a fireplace. The secret is to use the measurement of the fireplace and purchase a piece of canvas art to match the proportions. So if your fireplace was 3m wide and 1.5m tall a canvas using this ratio, say 72" by 36" would look fantastic.

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