Finding Bright Ideas For Home Decorating
By Patricia Harris

There are so many great home decorating ideas that you can choose from when planning your new design. Styles and trends in home designs are forever changing and it would be good to take a look at them before you begin. You maybe planning to decorate a new home or give a new look to an old one, or you may only be wanting to make a room or a corner of your home more functional or appealing. Available decorating ideas not only give you a lot of choices to choose from; they also let you see how a certain arrangement or design which you are probably thinking of would actually look.

One way to get home decorating ideas for free is to look around furniture stores. Usually they present their furniture in showcases that arrange the furniture as in a real home setting. Their window displays show the furniture creatively arranged, complete with accessories like paintings, figurines, carpeting and other items from which you can visualize how they would look in your own home.

There are also a lot of Internet sites dedicated to home furnishings, interior and architectural designs from which you can get a host of home decorating ideas. Some of these sites even provide you tips and detailed instructions on how to make the decorations and install the fixtures yourself. The great thing about these ideas is that they were designed by professionals who are experts in the interior design field. So you get the benefit of having their ideas without having to pay high consultation fees if you got a professional interior decorator. By looking through various designs done by professionals, you will acquire familiarity with the principles of design and will be able to come up with your own ideas in decorating your own home.

Having a direct hand in your own home design is guaranteed to bring you immense satisfaction. Just choosing the theme is already an engaging activity. Then there is the challenge of finding the right items to make your plan a reality, and the actual installation. When all of it is finished, there is that great feeling of having accomplished something that you really like. It feels good to have accomplished a challenging task. But is feels even better to be able to sit back and see the fruits of your labor before you.

Having accomplished it with free home decorating ideas, without having to hire a professional, is even more rewarding. The next time you do another home decorating project, you will have more confidence, knowing you have done it before and it turned out to your satisfaction.

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The Art Of Home Decoration   By Marjan Zemljic

If you would have your rooms interesting as well as beautiful, make
them say something, give them a spinal column by keeping all
ornamentation subservient to line.

Before you buy anything, try to imagine how you want each room to look
when completed; get the picture well in your mind, as a painter would;
think out the main features, for the details all depend upon these and
will quickly suggest themselves. This is, in the long run, the
quickest and the most economical method of furnishing.

There is a theory that no room can be created all at once, that it
must grow gradually. In a sense this is a fact, so far as it refers to
the amateur. The professional is always occupied with creating and
recreating rooms and can instantly summon to mind complete schemes of
decoration. The amateur can also learn to mentally furnish rooms. It
is a fascinating pastime when one gets the knack of it.

Beautiful things can be obtained anywhere and for the minimum price,
if one has a feeling for line and colour, or for either. If the lover
of the beautiful was not born with this art instinct, it may be
quickly acquired. A decorator creates or rearranges one room; the
owner does the next, alone, or with assistance, and in a season or two
has spread his or her own wings and worked out legitimate schemes,
teeming with individuality. One observes, is pleased with results and
asks oneself why. This is the birth of good taste.

Treat your rooms like `still life,` see to it that each group, such as
a table, sofa, and one or two chairs make a `composition,` suggesting
comfort as well as beauty. Never have an isolated chair, unless it is
placed against the wall, as part of the decorative scheme.

Marjan Zemljic is owner of
and author of How to break into the interior design industry. In his book
you will find out how you can do exactly that. For more informaion on
home decorating ideas visithis website and learn how to create the home
of your dreams.

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How To Start A Home Decor Business For Profit   By Randy Wilson

Love home decorating? Then a Home Decor Home Business is something you want to know about. Interior decorating has exploded in the years since 9/11 as people began seeking security and comfort in their homes. And home decorating businesses have benefited tremendously.

There are some home decorating businesses that are part of the home show business trend. You sign up as a sales representative with a company specializing in home decor or home decorating products and have shows where you present the items—and sale them. You can offer these shows in your own home or go into other people’s homes and give them. These shows can be a great deal of fun and are a way of having your own home decor business. If you’re a little unsure of your abilities or afraid of getting in over your head as you start your home decorating business, this could be a good home decorating businesses opportunity for you.

If, however, you’re more independent and have a flair for interior decorating, you may want to start a home decorating business all your own. You don’t have to go for entire home overhauls, either. You can specialize in draperies, kitchen remodeling, carpeting, art and accessories, or color scheme choices, just to name a few, as the focus of your home decor home business. The possibilities are as endless as your home decorating ideas for the home decor home business concept.

As you start your home decor home business, some contacts you’ll want to make are with:

Why, you ask, do I need contacts with businesses like these? Because they know people who may need the services of a home decor home business. They can spread the word about your business and put you in touch with prospective clients. Which means you can get to work more quickly, and often with more upscale clients than you could reach on your own, especially when you’re just starting a home decor home business.

Now some questions to ask yourself before you run off to tell that antique dealer you love so much about your new home decor home business are:

Ask yourself lots of questions about the “business” side of having a home decor home business. When turning a hobby or passion into a business, it’s easy to forget the nitty-gritty details like how you will pay your taxes. Don’t let your excitement and enthusiasm get you in over your head.

Because it will be a business. And you’ll need to think like a business person and make a business plan for your home decor home business. So think things through carefully. Do a lot of research, and find out all you can about a home decorating business and a home decor business.

Learn what people are looking for right now in terms of interior decorating. You may love country home decorating, but the people in your area may be on an Oriental or Southwestern home decorating kick. Go to furniture stores and see what they’re stocking. Talk with owners about what’s hot and what they think will be next season.

And after you’ve done all these things, by all means, run off to tell that antique dealer all about your new home decor home business. He or she may have just the right person in mind for your first client.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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Top 5 Tips For Home Decorators

Is your house and home feeling a little bit tired and jaded? Does it lack that special edge that it once had? If so you're no doubt sick of living in a home that no longer suits you so why not convert that drab interior to something fantastic? Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation. A place for you to recharge your batteries that have been drained by todays busy lifestyles. The great news is that regardless of what type of look or feel you want your redecorated home to have there are ideas aplenty available to you for use as inspiration.

There are several important tips that you should follow for each interior or home decorating project:

1. Choose A Theme

Have a very clear idea of what you want the finished "product" to look like before you begin. Get your hands on as many home decorating books and magazines as you can. As you read through them you'll find yourself drawn to one theme or style more than others. Exposure to as many decorating styles as possible is the key to success here.

2. Choose A Color Scheme

During your theme research you'll have noticed that most decorating themes rely on specific color schemes to achieve the required results; those colors are standard to that particular decorating theme. What do we mean by this? Well for example Asian decorating styles and themes are dominated by the use of red, black and dark blue. Another example is tropical decorating themes which rely more on green, red and aqua colors. Your chosen theme will, realistically, follow the same basic pattern of using a fixed palette of colors for the entire decorating project.

3. Choose A Use For the Room

What will you actually do in the room you're redecorating? Just because the room was originally built for a specific purpose don't mentally trap yourself by only decorating to that particular type of room. For example if your family eats most of their meals in the kitchen then don't decorate your dining room with a large dining table and accessories - it's a waste of the room. It could be converted to a study, home office or even a play room so don't limit your thinking to using any room for its original purpose - unless it suits you of course.

4. The Shopping List

Of all the items that you could potentially list here paint is the most important. Paint forms the "foundation" of any room and if you rush the paint job then everything that comes afterwards just won't "work" in the room. Another mistake many people make is to buy the cheapest paint possible. You might save a few bucks on the cost of the tin but you'll wind up kicking yourself later on when you realize it's going to take 3 coats to finish each wall instead of just one - it's generally not cost effective to buy cheap paint; it just doesn't cover or finish as well as the more expensive brands.

Also make allowances in your budget for disposable overalls and any cleaning or preparatory materials you might need for your project. Decorating can be a messy business so prepare for the clean up operation before you even begin.

5. What To Paint With?

Another important decision is whether to use brushes, a roller or foam painting pads. Brushes have their uses for "edging out" a room - for those tiny corners. For the large surface areas it makes more sense to use a roller or paint pads. Personally I've found rollers to be just plain old messy and now use paint pads (some stores call them speed painters) for any large surface area that needs to be painted well and quickly. Use a roller if you really have to but bear in mind that they're extremely messy so make sure both you (disposable overalls are ideal) and the flooring is well covered against splashes.

Don't forget to have some fun along the way too! For all the planning, preparation and work that goes into redecorating any room or home it should still be a fun experience for everyone involved. You'll have that added sense of satisfaction knowing that you redecorated or helped to redecorate your home with your own hands. Take some time out to relax in your new room once it's finished - especially before you start redecorating the next room in the house.
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