Bedroom Decorating - Are You Forgetting Something?
By Kelly Y Kim

When it comes to your bedroom, your decor can only get as good as the way the basic elements of your design pull them together. Also, it will be about function and how your needs are met.

In general, you'll want to begin by assessing your needs. Aside from the bed you'll be sleeping on, think of other things you might need to do in your bedroom. You might want to designate an area for working or for grooming and dressing. Your belongings are definitely better off in an organizing cabinet. Otherwise, there's no point in designing your bedroom because the clutter will only defeat your purpose.

Lighting is another important element of your design and so is ventilation. No great- looking bedroom is good enough if it's barely seen. If the air inside is not kept fresh, you could even get sick so make sure ventilation is well-considered as you plan out your bedroom design.

Once you've determined your requirements, it's time to move on with the other things to consider. Proportion or balance in your room is important, whether you have transitional bedroom furniture, contemporary or traditional. Remember not to get something too big or too small for the room. If you want a clear-cut approach, try making a scale drawing of your bedroom with the furniture. Clutter is something you don't want at all so get only furniture that you'll be needing. A bed, of course, will have to be in your bedroom and the same goes for a dresser, a nightstand and an armoire. Other things you don't need should be kept out.

In choosing a bed, get something that looks attractive and feels great. Comfort in sleep is the main purpose of getting a bed, so don't compromise on this arena.

To save on space, you'll prefer built-in closets instead of cupboards. Window seats are a great way to maximize space in your bedroom. And they serve a dual purpose. They can be a spot where you can sit and you'll have storage area below.

One aspect of bedroom design that's often taken for granted is fabrics. If you want a really nice and smooth bed you can enjoy under your skin, go for good quality cotton or even silk. Avoid synthetic materials because they won't feel good and they don't even look that good. Colorful pillows and cushy duvets can serve as great accents, as well as colorful pillows. Mix and match and work towards a solid, united look in the end.

Your curtains can also make or break your bedroom design so choosing fabrics is something you'll want to pay attention to. You can have those transparent materials to allow for more lighting if your room doesn't get much of the sun. Or try those thicker curtains to get just the right dimming effect if your room is getting those rays in abundance.

Half of your bedroom design is about bedroom furniture so when choosing among those bedroom furniture collections in the market today, always think of it as a worthy investment so you'll end up getting only the best pieces.

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Quick Pointers in Bedroom Decorating
By Kelly Y Kim

It's always important for a bedroom to be a place of comfort and relaxation. At the same time, you'll want yours to be an expression of who you are, your taste and the things you hold with value. Before jumping into any bedroom decorating ideas, you have to make sure, as usual, that your redesign project has been well thought of and planned. As you make that plan, put function in mind. There's room for aesthetics and there should be room for practicality as well. This only means that your bedroom furniture should be functional and able to meet your needs. Also think of size. You don't want a bedroom that's too cramped because you simply can't be comfortable when you have very little space to move about in. That king size bed may be so inviting but if it's too big for your bedroom, don't force it. Storage area is another thing you'll need a lot of. Without properly designated places in which to keep your stuff, your bedroom design simply won't work. You'll have clutter all around the room and things would be downright messy. That's something you don't want to come home to, so make sure there's enough room to keep the things you want to keep.

Then, think of style. Many of them could be chosen from among really great collections of fine bedroom furniture these days. You can have traditional, which relies on good old-fashioned details such as antiques to lend charm to the room. Or if you want a sleek, clean and simplistic bedroom, your best bet is modern furniture. You can even have a rustic feel by getting country bedroom furniture. Whatever you choose, make sure it's what you want and not simply what you could get with your resources. It's a good idea to save money, but bedroom furniture is also one of best investments you can make in your lifetime.

Last, you'll want to think of color. Every component of every design is important but nothing is as powerful as the colors you choose. When choosing, you'll also want to consider space and the amount of light that enters the room. For smaller bedrooms, light or pastel colors are preferable because they tend to give an illusion of bigger space. If your bedroom is spacious, then you have the option of having light colors or deeper ones. Dark colors are naturally a no-no if your bedroom doesn't get much light. If it does, you can have either dark or light colors, although deeper hues will work well to balance those sunny rays.

For any bedroom furniture style, from modern to traditional, you can make stylish and reasonable purchases online or from wholesale bedroom furniture shops and many other furniture stores that offer stylish and good quality pieces and still allow you a lot of room for savings.

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Bedroom Decorating - When Everything is on a Budget
By Kelly Y Kim

Giving your bedroom a nice new do is always a welcome challenge and so is doing it on a budget. Don't worry, it's not as challenging as it sounds because there are bedroom decorating ideas you can implement without draining your pockets dry.

First off, you'll want to give your room some real hardcore cleaning. That means you should remove everything that should't be there. In other words, take out the clutter and let only things that belong to the bedroom stay in the bedroom. Pay attention to those that tend to interfere with getting yourself a good sleep. That Play Station, for example, could be a major source of distraction. Your bedroom should be every inch a bedroom which is a place for rest and relaxation.

Now you're ready to take on those little decors and trinkets in the room. Imagine a worst case scenario with each item if you took it out. If the picture is not that bad, remove the thing. You should also assess the reasons why you want to keep those knickknacks n the bedroom. If you're keeping them just because you've had them for years, that's not reason enough. You don't have to throw them out, though. Just find them a better place. Maybe a small cabinet or give them out to friends. Bottom line, if you don't need something in the bedroom, don't keep it there. Things always end up better when started on a clean slate.

Then you'll want to look at your bedroom as though it was your first time in it. Forget that you've had really great memories here. Just look at it and judge it. Will it provide the best ambiance you need for you to appreciate those quiet moments by yourself? Is it a reflection of who you are? If you like the way your clutter-free bedroom now looks, you probably don't need any major changes. Maybe just get some accessories to spruce up what you already have. Changing the pulls on your drawers, for example, should work. Maybe get a new headboard. If your pine bedroom furniture cries out for a fresh layer of coat, give it.

Your linens, duvet, pillow cases, curtains and other draperies are things to focus on next. If they're still good, no reason to replace them. Or if you really want some big, noticeable changes, get some new sets. Stick to neutral colors like beige, tan or gray. They'll be easier to match with whatever furniture and decor you have now or in the future.

Now it's time for the fun part - choosing your color palette! For a laid back atmosphere, get pastels. For drama, get bold contrasting colors. Remember, the hues and shades you choose are very powerful elements of your design. So make sure the ones you go with are truly what you want. Different weights in color will also matter in creating a certain look. The standard way to balance them is to have at least 60 percent of your design in a dominant color, thirty percent in a secondary color and ten percent in accents.

Otherwise, if you just want completely new bedroom furniture, you can always find some great choices among discount bedroom furniture sets so you can combine style and practicality into your project.

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