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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  
  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  
  Hardcover, 100 pages
8.25 x 11.5 x 0.5 IN
ISBN: 978-0-9783613-0-3
Published in 2007 by Studio Treasure
Printed by The Stinehour Press
Fancy Gilt Decorated Leather Binding
Signed by illustrator Oleg Lipchenko

"and what is the use of a book,... without pictures or conversations?"

Lewis Carroll

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
Published 2007 by Studio Treasure, Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9783613-0-3
Reviewed by Andrew Sellon
Actor, ex president of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America

     I first met artist Oleg Lipchenko and his wife Nataliya at the LCSNA's fall 2006 meeting in New York City. At that time, Oleg had with him a large portfolio of original renderings for his planned new edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which he graciously shared with anyone who expressed interest. I remember sitting with the portfolio on my lap, turning page after page with a growing surge of delight and admiration at the astonishing creativity and draftsmanship before me. There were so many things to admire, I truly felt as though I was glimpsing someone's personal wonderland. The layout was simply stunning. Everywhere my eye fell there were vividly realized characters and images, almost a giddy surfeit of fascinating creations pouring across the pages. I say "pouring" advisedly, because one of the most satisfying elements of Oleg's design scheme is the dreamlike fluidity of the images, and how smoothly he swirls the black, white, and sepia visual elements through and around the artfully placed text. Characters and objects seem almost to melt across the pages as vivid, surreal images might float about in a dreamer's mind. The choice of color palette and painstaking specificity of the pen and ink detailing are simultaneously Victorian and timeless. Oleg told me that (like Lewis Carroll) he was self-publishing the book to maintain complete artistic control of his personal vision. Now that the finished book is in my hands, I can only applaud that brave, doubtless expensive decision.
     The hardcover edition is elegantly simple on the outside: plain milk chocolate-colored boards, with the flowing title embossed in gold on the cover. The book has been beautifully printed by The Stinehour Press in Vermont, closely supervised by Oleg. While perhaps no printing process will ever capture the breathtaking beauty of an artist's original renderings, this book is probably as close as one could hope to come: substantial and handsome paper stock, crisply rendered black detailing, warm sepia tones. The end papers greet you with an elegant collage of the amusing characterizations we will meet inside; these pages alone would be worth the price of the book. But there is ever so much more discovery awaiting the reader, always beautifully balanced with the text. This is one of those editions where you simply can't wait to turn the page and see what unique vision will greet you next. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite characterization from the eccentrics on display. I will say that Oleg's Alice would likely lose a staring match with Tenniel's, but she does have simple beauty, and a quiet grace and openness of her own. Understandably, it's with the denizens of Wonderland that Oleg's quasi-Dickensian, quasi-cartoonish artistry shines—the clueless and hapless Bill, the argyle-sweatered professorial Tortoise, the sad-eyed and bulbous-nosed Hatter, and so many more.
     I can only hope that Oleg will do the second Alice as well, and in less than the thirty years it took to produce this gem. It's not an inexpensive edition (it's limited to 226 copies, some already sold), and it's just been announced that the Stinehour Press is regrettably closing down), but if you can manage it, do yourself a favor: buy a copy from Olegs website while you still can, curl up in a cozy chair in a quiet room like Alice at the beginning of Looking-Glass, and enjoy the trip to Wonderland all over again, courtesy of Lewis Carroll and Oleg Lipchenko.

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StudioTreasure considers a Book as a Piece of Art. Our publishing program is based on idea to following traditions of the best printers to produce unique and meticulously prepared books.

First successfully produced in 2008 project was the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Limited Edition, illustrated and designed by Oleg Lipchenko.

Edition received very positive feedback from the collectors and book lovers. You can order the copy from the website:

FREUDOSCOPE is the second book of the StudioTreasure, published in 2012 as a part of the FREUDOSCOPE Art Project exposed at the BezpalaBrown Gallery in May of 2012.

The Hunting of the Snark - the latest book produced by the StudioTreasure.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland       FREUDOSCOPE      The Hunting of the Snark



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  In 2009 Tundra Books (McClelland & Stewart) has published the second edition of this book. IBBY - International Book Board for Young people gave this book a 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award

Winner of the 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award

“…Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich expression for both the youngest reader greeting Alice for the first time and those who remember reading the original Alice as children...Lipchenko’s illustrations are more than images on a page, they are a homage to the surreality and humour of Carroll’s text as well as a meticulously and brilliantly constructed vision of a longstanding tradition in children’s literature.” – Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award presentation



Some words about:



Random House

Whether it’s to add to a collection of classics or to introduce new readers to Alice, this handsome large-format edition is a must-have for all ages. Lewis Carroll’s original text is illustrated as never before by Oleg Lipchenko to create a spectacular gift book. Sure to transport everyone down the rabbit hole and into the extraordinary realm of Carroll’s imagination, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, invites all readers to join the tea party and take their chances with the Mad Hatter, the Mock Turtle, and the boisterous Queen of Hearts.


"...Lipchenko's style of drawing, executed in brown color filled in with ochre watercolour, is bound to produce something of an artistic shock to those readers brought up on Tenniel's carefully constructed, classical black and white depictions of Alice and the peculiar characters inhabiting her dream world...
...      There is much to enjoy and pore over in this brand new edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Highly Recommended."

Valerie Nielsen, a retired teacher-librarian, lives in Winnipeg, MB


"...This is a fine and revealing version of Alice, eye-catching from the delicate half-drawing of a rose and the haughty dignity of a flamingo as the hedgehogs escape him to the wry humour of a pig flying through the queen's hoop. The fine detail and creative fantasy of the borders, part real part surreal, present Alice in a new intriguing way..."

Dr. Andrea Deakin
Okanagan College Library


"...I was so entranced by the details of the paintings, the gold embossing on the pages, and the wonderful way in which this classic is redone that I bought a copy for each of my nieces and nephews. They loved it and keep reading and re-reading it. It is truly a masterpiece, one which will delight both young and old. 
 Rating: 5 stars

Irene Roth


"...There is something very surreal about the illustrations in this one, which fits the story awesomely. If you have an older Alice fan, this would be a great gift book for them. Being that the color-tone is so dark and muted, younger children probably won't enjoy it quite as much, but older kids and adults will definitely appreciate the intricate drawings and beautiful faces the illustrator creates..."

Amanda Snow
Alice in Wonderland, two illustrator's perspectives





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