Modern Art and Design Studio Treasure and artist Oleg Lipchenko present modern and traditional art and multimedia design.


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Welcome to the official website of StudioTreasure. This site is an authorized project of artist Oleg Lipchenko designed to introduce StudioTreasure's services and provide a communication gateway to it. StudioTreasure establishes the connection between artistry and technology.
Classically trained artists who create paintings, graphics, and sculpture today are armed with new powerful digital tools. StudioTreasure is dedicated to providing academic expertise in the field of visual communications such as graphic design, web, multimedia and presentations.
Please take a look at the StudioTreasure's portfolio and our client's testimonials to see some of our creative work and how we help brand our clients. I hope you enjoy the web site. Please visit our website periodically as the content is renewed constantly. Thank you......................Oleg Lipchenko.
Art. StudioTreasure and artist Oleg Lipchenko present artwork of the studio's feaured artists: sculptor Aleksander Bukvic, painter and graphic artist Tatiana Shuliak, 3D artist George Grie, sculptor Grozdana Bukvic, painter Svetlana Pertchik, sculptor Peter Alexander Por, painter Michail Kurzakov and Oleg Lipchenko himself. Pages dedicated to each of the featured artist will be updated constantly according to their creative work, so the new artworks will appear upon creation. As well I'll provide you with the latest news concern our exhibition activity, publications, projects etc. If you are looging for buying artwork please visit the Art Gallery pages. You can find there oil paintings, graphic art, sculptures, and limited edition prints. All the artworks presented in Art Gallery are with the description and price. If you have questions concerning the price, please contact me. Heritage pages also belong to the Art theme, here I'm presenting the Great Masters: Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov, who's influence I'm experiencing many years continiously. These pages will be filled with texts, images and links to give you enough information about their lives and creations. There are only two masters I'd like to present on the pages of the Studio's website so far. But , probably the Heritage chapter will include some more Great artists, may be not only artists - musicians, writters, etc. Great masters, who built our culture, our history. The Classroom pages also belong to Art and reflect Studio's educating activity: lessons of painting, drawing, composition, sculpture and history of art. A great collection of students' artworks presented on the Students' Gallery page.
Design. StudioTreasure deliver creative, cost effective, high performance solutions for our clients by providing a superior level of expertise. We can help you achieve your sales and communications objectives, using the most sophisticated tools for effective visual communications. StudioTreasure provides a superb product and high quality service at a very reasonable price. Powerpoint and Flash presentations - a great way for presenting your products to new clients. Powerful tools for Marketing, Sales, PR and IR, Tradeshows, Roadshows, Board meetings, Business Briefings, Conferences. We can help you achieve your sales and communications objectives. tools for effective visual communications. CD-ROM is the most efficient and convenient method of delivering of any type of information: video, audio, text documents, presentations and images, can contain any data and a link to your website as well. Multimedia. We offer interactive promotions, greeting cards, animated pieces and movies, ad banners , screensavers developed with Macromedia software. Our graphics are clean, professional, and designed to download quickly to your or your customer's computer. Our services include development of artwork, logos, icons, animated buttons, bars, backgrounds - any type of graphics. StudioTreasure is dedicated to understanding our customer's business, identifying the appropriate business media strategies, and implementing the right, customized solution. Flash websites created with the Macromedia Flash are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. We can integrate html, 3D graphics, audio and video into our designs to providing a full on multimedia experience for your viewer. We also offer testing and optimization service for websites, that assists businesses in optimizing their online effectiveness,
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